In today's 13:00 OSL I did a very silly thing.

It was my BB and there were several limpers, I had nothing and so I checked. It checked round so I checked again. This time round an MP bet ($240) and a couple more called. Of course I was folding but I forgot to move my mouse off of the 'Check' button which was now, of course, the 'Call' button. Folded when it got back to me but, still, $240 down the drain.

Ended up out in 2850(ish, actually 2838) position. Might just be in positive points territory (-5.88) but I doubt it. This means that I shall have to play in one of this evenings games.

Once again. I am a muppet!

Managed to rescue the situation but had to play both the 17:00  and 21:00 tourneys. Just got ITM in the earlier one (1375(ish) (1420th, 15.49pts - 1824.93 total )) but made it to 430 in the late one for 51.06 points making a total of 1875.99 putting me in 300th position initially dropping to 307th overnight..