Doing remarkably well so far this month, compared to my expectations.

I am trying to only play 1 a day (the 13:00 UTC one) and only play one of the evening ones if I do badly in that.

On the 6th I actually got to the dizzy heights of 53rd and won $0.01 outright, got massive points (81.46) as well as 54.66 Tournament Leader points, don't suppose that I will get anywhere in that league though.

In the 7 games played so far I have only lost points in 1 and then it was only -7.41 for finishing in 4074th place. That was the game when I got it in good with TT and got rivered by a pair of 6s that setted.:-?

Including the games played on the 7th I am in 505th in the league with 1728.21 points.

Hope that I can keep this up without having to play to0o many games or I will end up like last year when it felt more like a chore, grinding away to stay ITM, rather than a bit of fun that actually earns something BTW.