Haven't played much poker at all since August(ish) 2011. Partly due to having built a new PC and not installing the PS client yet and partly due to burn out.

Only played for the last week of April OSL but managed to make it to 1511th with 1905.31 points  and so  got $0.50. Played a total of 18 games with 5 sub 500 finishes.

Also made £2 in the UKIPT div 2 league. Finished 69th, a total surprise, didn't think I was doing that well.

Another month like that will bring my BR to $20 odd and I will have to seriously consider investing some of it in something other than freerolls. Am seriously considering the $0.25 45/90 man SNGs as recommended in ahar010s Bankroll Builder Live Training series. Have to admit to being nervous about that though.