I missed the start of the 'new' league and was not even aware of the old one.

I started playing the league on about the 7th or 8th, from memory, and so far have had mixed results.

In the first few games I played I did not do terribly well as I played them pretty much like any other FreeRoll. If you get AA, KK you either go all-in immediately or raise and then re-raise all-in if raised. After reading the blogs of other members and threads in the general forum a formula for better results became obvious.

As another member, so aptly, put it CLOCK - FOLD - aaaaand REPEAT.

I now have a much higher points total and therefore league position which should make me happy, right?


Where's the skill? The title of the league says that skill will be involved. Some of you may be utilizing your poker skills but I certainly am not exercising the few that I have. If it weren't for the fact that I am not a quitter I would probably have given the league the elbow and I might still do that next month.

For those without the bankroll to attain VPPs this league is not particularly attractive. The amount of 'work' (I say work because it is largely unenjoyable and fills a large part of the day) for little reward is too great to make it worth while. It looks right now, I'm about #1850 and climbing, as if I would make the Premier but I have no VPPs and there is no chance that I'll get any so that rules those dreams out.

This is a shame as there seem to be a great bunch of people here.

We interrupt this blog to bring you live commentary from the poker room
Here we go a new one just started and first hand I've got JsJc UTG. Raised to 3BB. Two callers. Flop comes 9h,8s,9c. Deep breath and C-bet 100 of pot. get raised to 200, other chap folds and I call. Turn (Ts) and I am fast running out of talent here. For no obvious reason I bet 40 get raised to 140 and call again. River comes 3s. I check, opponent, who is Russian and looks a little like a young Lorraine Kelly, bets 20. Famous lastwords "it's only 20", I call. Showdown shows my two pair Js and 9s against her  two pair 9s and 8s Yippee!

Folks, this table shows promise. Haven't had a chance to check out the nationalities yet but the one Eastern European I've played against played normally.

Heck! Second hand JJ again, called a 3BB raise (didn't raise to avoid a raise fest) which was raised to 15BB two players after me (Russian), then to all-in by the guy after him (Ukrainian). Normal service having been resumed, I folded. Still, good while it lasted.

And now back to the studio
As I was saying. Not sure if I will play the league next month although I might and see if things improve after the split into two leagues and PSO look at the formats/prize distribution etc.