When a person regularly plays tournaments, there are cycles of lessons to be learned. Sometimes, it's to loosen up, sometimes to focus on position; sometimes it's to gamble with AQ and other times to realize that AQ will send you home faster than almost any other 2 cards. The big lesson for me this last week or two has been patience. As usual, a number of times during recent tourneys, I got a really bad beat (or two or three) resulting in being severely short-stacked. A few times, it wound up knocking me out, but this was usually because I decided to gamble on a crappy hand to try to "catch up" to the average stack. The other times, when I sat back and waited for the right hand in the right position with the right callers or bettors in front of me, eventually, one came. Then another. Then a double-up and another until I had a competitive stack again. Patience. ---- Hey. Thanks to the people who wrote such friendly replies to my "first" blog post1