ok so ive played a few years now and allways wanted to start a blog!. to try and help work on my game more than anything. i kinda hav a love hate with stars ive done well here and ran really sickenly bad also (part tilt playin bad too tho) ive had a gd couple of small stakes mtt wins in a variety of games but my best moment on stars was turnin 5fpps step1 hypas in to a shot @ the 5k scooop main but managed to make it to step 7 and finish 3 of that juicy 5k ticket . kinda steams me remindin myself of it and was like couple years ago lol! other than that bout only intrestin content ive got lol ill b sure to add more if anything gd happens if a can put in more than an hours play in a day gl on the baize!