vI am writing this in complaint of the people that call Pokerstars "Jokerstars" and complaining that they are going in with the best and losing. Well this is happening to you because you are playing Freerolls and low buy in tourny's where people are not going to be playing ABC poker.  They either don't care and will play any 2 cards at any give in time or be trying a new way of playing and got lucky.

Believe me, I have play on Full Tilt before they went south, Party Poker, Paradise Poker and Everest Poker. Believe me they play worst  on these sites then Pokerstars. So when you are All In preflop with two Jacks against Ace-King and they hit a Ace you shouldn't whine, bitch and complain. First its called a coin flip, second there is a thing called Variance and finally their is a thing odds.  The odds of winning preflop with all your chips with Aces and not %100. Every hand can beat any other hand at any give time. 

I say instead of whinning about losing the hand and get bust out the Tournment I would learn from my mistakes, look up some videos and learn from strategy from the top pros both live and online.

Well its time to play some Freerolls on the world greatest site, Pokerstars!!