Well what a great time I had, met some great people so if I leave you out of this blog sorry but Im still getting over the too much drinking and not enough sleep. I will go through the poker first, I played seven tourneys including the 2 pso ones which I blew out on, in the pso championship members tourney I was lucky enough to have TJ 2 seats to my right till I busted which was an hour or so worth the 125bucks alone. in the grand final I went out early with nothing of note. I played 4 other events with buyins between 80 and 120 bucks, and final tabled in 3 so made myself a 1750 dollar profit LOVE VEGAS. two of the final tables we chopped, the other I gat busted by leon to finnish 6th, yes I travelled all the way to vegas to bust out to sailor moe, just cant get away from him. there were 3 other psoers at the final table so a good showing by pso, the field had a 100 or so players I think, spotlightkid finished the highest in third. my second tourney was a limit holdem one we got down to the final 8 or 9 I think then chopped again I had pso company lisalisa and Dageham so another good showing, the third one was nl and we chopped top 5 spots, again 2 psoers final table spotlightkid being the other finished 7th I think there were many good cash finishes around vegas by pso players and if they dont write about there achievments themselves I will update all of you later. It was great to meet so many of you just not enough time to get to know u all, but next time we will catch up. Dagenham, moleebo, spotlightkid, KRVJ, TEX, oakie, new jane, kenoman, sailormoe, lisalisa, mayesie, oh I cant be bothered to write any more names, but all these plus many more you made me feel at home and being shy as I am isnt easy so well done u psoers, 1 Special note moleebo offers mentor classes on playing slots I took 1 they suck. I will tell you more on that another time but I told moleebo I would blog that. and a special ty to all pso staff, and the cocktail girls who kept me loaded the whole time. thats all for now.