I am posting a story a young boy wrote in to a writing competition via his school, I must admit I shed tear in joy. and it makes me so happy that it was not money driven. Name Oscar.C.Eppley Age 12 Address Aloha College The Three Almighty Numbers. I wobbled to it. My enemy: I stared at it. I walked closer, not wanting to touch it. I stepped on it. It read 193 pounds. I looked down at it. I could barely even see over my stomach. I was hoping it could be pure muscle. Almost in utter disbelief, I went to tell him. As you can imagine, 193 pounds isnt normal for a boy of 5 foot 6 inches. Lokking back, I suppose one could say I was carrying around a couple of flat tires. My hands used to be like two potatoes, you couldnt see my knuckles! My body was a little too heavy to keep up with my classmates, if you know what I mean. But all this changed with one special day. My dad drove me to tennis that day. I had been on my kind of diet for a while and what had I to show for it? Absolutely nothing. A couple of weeks before this I met the perfect tennis teacher. He is an Englishman named Stuart. He played tennis on the professional tour. He had advanced to the second round at Wimbledon. He has a wonderful wife named jill. I never would have thought what a big part of my life they would be. Hey, Osky, he started, his usual chipper self, I asked a boy I know how much an average boy of your age should weigh. How much? I grumbled. He said 100 pounds. I stared at him. Seeing the shock on my face, he quickly reassured me by laughingly saying, I was just kidding. you should have known I wouldnt put you through that much misery! I asked how much my weight would be in the end, he wold never reply. As he smartly told me later on, if he would have given me the three almighty numbers then, I would not have taken it seriously. Okay, it starts tomorrow. This will change your life forever. I will never give up on this diet, Stuart. He stopped and put on his serious face. Oscar, he said softly, I am now going to tell you your banned food list. First the two Ps, pizza and pudding. Then the fatty meats: bacon sausage,.Finally, the leader of the forbidden foods; potato chips. My mouth and three chins blobbed down in shock. No more pizza! No sausage wrapped in bacon! No pudding and whipped cream!Is this really worth these sacrifices? Also you have to exercise daily, he finshed. No more couch potato days for you, Osky. Stunned in the lack of sugar thoughts, I murmured Okay. Okay, lets start this lesson then. We started and I gave it my all. I wasnt allowed to play short court because, as I found out later I didnt have enough balance. I hit the ball with al my might When I got to it. Thats how it all started. T oday, I am the tenth fittest boy in my year and I play tennis on a team. But we will never forget Stuart, still the best tennis coach and one of thebest people in my life. He brought me down to the three almighty numbers that changed my life. on august19th 2004 I reached 139! I was so proud of him 6 months later he moved back to the states and joined saddlebrook tennis school, and i HEARD FROM HIM RECENTLY AND HE JUST WON HIS FIRST OPEN JUNIOR TENNIS TOURNEY WTG Oscar. this is a very cropped version of what went on but u get the picture, u know its the first time in my life i feel i have achieved something worthwhile. Stuart.