So new optimistic attitude somehow seems to have improved the game/ luck. Have had a bit of a good run but have still suffered some ridiculously bad beats. Such as where i'm holding AA all in preflop and some douche with off suit connectors hits a flush on the river. The amount of Flushes that have been hit on the river is amazing and not just against me. It is just frustrating to see. At least if you get beat by a good starting  hand it doesn't hurt as much(That's not true!!!  really it still hurts) I went all-in preflop today AA to be called by KK guess who hit trips on the river. I still cashed in the tourney and i picked up some knockouts but it is just horrible to go out like that but that's the game. The guy had a good reason to call an all-in so I cannot be mad i would have done the same