Over the last 2 weeks i have noticed that thousands of hands that were the complete underdog have won the showdown due to runner runner or rivers. And i mean completely ridiculous hands of which i am guilty of winning one or two but the majority have been against me. I understand that bad beats are part of the game  and we all have a bad run of luck every now and then. Lately though even hands i have not played i can see others getting dogged in 70-85% of hands that i have watched.

To me it seems that the odds on this platform seem to have increased in favour of the weaker hands rather than the strong  hands. While dominating them pre-flop and on the post flop they always somehow manage to either get a runner runner for the straight or flush or hit there high card, set or worse the board pairs on the river and their A high beats your lower pair. Some i suppose call this variance and bad luck but personally i think its bs!! I have never seen this kind of run happening on other platforms and i really am beginning to doubt the integrity of this software. I have started to read many forums and blogs online stating that it is indeed rigged but pokerstars claim that its just bad luck and that there software is 100% random.

This personally i don't believe as it is imposssible to create a computer that generates random events and all eventualties have to be programmed into the software and i have never met a software developer who never left a back door for themselves or have i  even found a piece of software that is 100% secure. So how did Pokerstars create something so perfect when Giants like Apple and Microsft cannot. There are already seating scripts around that can be used to automatically register you to tournaments and to automatically seat them at tables so how can they prove that it is 100% secure. A simple batch file running can do that so what can a more sophosticated one do. 

Check out this hand I just played on @PokerStars in tournament "Spin & Go All-In Shootout: [Free for all players]" http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/17968996_AA1983B6AD #BOOMPlayer

Check out this hand I just played on @PokerStars in tournament "Bounty Builder $8.80 Sat: $0.11 R NLHE [3x-Turbo], 15 Seats Gtd - Guarantee Boost!" http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/17969003_BD44906025 #BOOMPlayer