In poker, you often here of players, both pro and recreational, specialising in one format of poker. talonchick with PLO, daleroxxu with SNG's, and so on. But one one specific type of poker I think gets overlooked somewhat is the timed games offered on the Stars software. 

I personally play these, in the 15 minute format, as my primary focus, simply because it's the one I'm most comfortable playing and is, probably unsurprisingly, my most profitable way of playing poker. And the reason I play them is why I think people should be making more use of them.

The first is time. When it comes to long haul MTT's, I eventually get bored. Like some, my attention wanders past the first 2 or more hours. Other people, for what ever reason, can't spend several hours on a conventional MTT. The 15-, 30- and 60-minute games mean that by the time your minds drifting off, your well and done and can usualy be played easily in between over tasks, around family or even during a lunch break at work. 

Second is the structure. The blind levels are short, and blinds are big. The 15 minute games I play have three 5 minute levels at 50/100/10, 100/200/20 and 150/300/30. This means they are fast paced and full of action. And if you play them like I do, sticking to hands that stand at least a 50/50 chance of winning, you'll get a pretty good education in coin flip mechanics.

The payout structure is also unique, at least for large number MTT's. Like with the Fifty50's SNG's, the prizepool is divided between the remaining players based on how much % of the chips they have when the time limit is up, so a player with, say 1% of the tournament chips gets payed 1% of the prizepool. Combined with the blind structure enocourages players to go for chips without risking spewing chips. 

Lastly, given that the chances are you could be accumualting lots of chips combined with the low buyins and the payout structure the way it is, these can be a great bankroll builder. The potential effects of downswings can be brutal given the format, but if you going good or average, they can be quick relatively easy boost to a roll.