So after (finally!) giving Barry Greenstein's OFC video's on PSTV a proper viewing, It piqued my curiosity to the point that I got looking through the Google Play store for a free OFC app for my tab, and found a pretty decent one, and jeez, it can be one heck of a time hog. 

The saying goes that you can learn to play poker in a day, but only master it in a lifetime during which you patiently grind it out, but with OFC, you learn it faster and get so engrossed that you feel compelled to figure out how to master it to the point it doesn't seem like the usual NLHE or PLO grind. But unlike other forms of poker, OFC feels less of a grind, with the desire to master it being more subtle. And that what makes it so appealing for me.

The reason it feels less grind-y lies with the fact that your never sitting around, folding mediocre hands, waiting for the premium hands. You just get given cards, and are able to get on with making your three hands with what your given, and whether it's good or bad hand,  you can still potentialy spin it into a good selection. Or  hopefully at the very least, a selection that can trounce your opponent. OFC's addictive quality also comes from how placing your initial 5 cards can influence the hand. Go too agressively, you could foul your hand. Too Passively, you could end up with the weaker hands, or loose royalties. 

If your not playing OFC in some kind of way, I'd highly recomend it. Theres a reason Open Face Chinese has enamoured a sizeable amount of professional poker players, and I think I've found out why!