As some of you may know, for a while I have been planning my first live poker game, no less at the esteemed Grosvenor Victoria in London as part of trip into London. It being my first time, I'd thought I'd write it up in my blog. Apologies in advance for this not being as good a trip report as The Langoliers et al of the regular trip reporters, but I'll muddle thorugh.

Like I said, I was doing a few other things in London, and after a brief pit stop in the McDonalds on Edgware Road, I got to The Vic about 6:15pm, and signed up at the main desk, a quick and easy process that only took a couple of minutes thanks to the slick staff. Despite the offer of a quick show around by a member of staff, I declined, intending to make a straight B-line to the card room. Once I was up there, the staff was... a bit less slick. Everyone at the desk seemed distracted, but one of the staff was kind enough to show me how to sign up to a game using the electronic waiting list. So I signed up to the £1/£1 list and headed to the cashier to grab my £200 stack.

After a couple of minutes wait, I recieved my summons to table 18 and sat down at seat 3, where I must of been the youngest person by about 10 years. But despite the initial experianced appearence, it proved to be a pretty soft table. Lots of limps, players inconsistently betting (although seats 2 & 5 did making £4 and £3 pre flop bets respectively) and easily folded hands post flop.

Naturally, I didn't play any hands for the first orbit or so, but half way through the second, I got dealt JJ. made it £10, getting one caller in seat 6. and innevitable small rush of adrenaline came when the flop came J9x rainbow. With my hand slightly shaking (which it was doing the entire session) I shipped a £25 chip into the middle, with the guy in seat 6 calling. Turn comes a blank, so I fire anouther £25 salvo, with a call from seat 6. River comes a black 10, completing a possible straight. I had yet to see him play any hands yet, so I was unsure if he'd been waiting for the straight or not, but either way,  I figured my trip Jacks had enough showdown value to warrant a continuation bet, so I decided to bet £50 here. Whatever he had, he elected for fold.

A few orbits went by before I found myself with anouther premium hand, in this case TT in late posistion. A couple of players had limped when it came to me, so I raised it to £10, with one limper, seat 7, calling. Flop came 973 rainbow, so I fired out anouther £10. Got called. Turn came a 2. I bet £15, and despite a brief pause for thought, the guy in seat 7 calls. River was an Ace. Unsure what the guy in 7 had, I fired a precautionary £25 bet, hoping if he had an Ace, He'd hopefully think I had a better one. After him tanking with me trying to stare him down for a minute or so, he finally decides to muck it. 

The last pot I won came a little while later with me in the small blind, with J8 off and one limper in seat 1, me and the BB checking it to the flop. x4x. Seat 1 mucks, despite being the first to act. Me and BB check. Turn comes anouther blank. Check check. River comes an 8. Unsure whether this will be good, I check. BB checks behind. "got better than 4's?" he enquires. "Pair of 8's" I reply, flipping over my J8, to the sight of a rather insignificant pot being pushed to me.

Didn't really get any worthwhile hands after that, and after a few orbits and the time having gone 8pm with a hour and a halfs worths of train rides home, I ask to be dealt out and a chip tray for my stack, rack up and make for the cashier with this:

Which when I get to the cashier, I find is £290. Minus what I started with makes for £90 profit. Might not be much, but ut covers all my other expenses from my day out as well. All in all, I had fun, Don't think I made my self look to green, despite a couple of rookie-ish mistakes and left with a profit. Good times indeed.

And as a bonus photo:

My Chubba Caps slammer that I used as a card capper, my membership cardand a £1 chip I kept as a souvenir.