Well, after reading the requirements for the 2013 WBCOOP blog requirements, I was tempted not to bother. I couldn't immediately think of anything worth that I could write a five hundred word blog about. Sure, theres a few minor things that I could of wrote a sentance or so for each thing. But somewhat fortunately, it then hit me: my finishing on second place in one of the BankRollMob end of month freeroll's.

But first, a little background information would come in handy,  especially if you've never read my blog here at the PSO before, or at least that far back.

Not that long before (about two or so months) the antivirus on my PC had run out, and 'Stars were yet to release the android app, so I had no way of putting my bankroll you use, so I elected to withdraw it.

But then, 'stars brought out their mobile app for the iOS and Android tablets/smartphones, so naturally, I downloaded it and got back to playing poker. The only problem being that, at the time, you couldn't make a deposit thorugh the app, so that left me playing the freeroll games, which consisted of the PSO games, BonusBonusBonus games and, of course, theBankRollMob games that would get me into their end of month game. To earn your seat at it, you have to finish in the top 200 of their leaderboard, and scoring is based on how much you cash for in the tournaments, so if you earned a dollar, you'd get a point, if you got 50 cents, you'd get half a point, with every cent you earned getting you 0.01 points. During the course of the month, I was able to clock up two final tables, finishing seventh and second, which come the end of the month, I had enough leaderboard points to be in the top 200, and in the end of month freeroll.

Going into the monthly game, I wasn't really expecting much, really. Given that I had already made two final tables in BRM games that month, I was realisticly expecting a min. cash at best. But I didn't let that affect how I was going to play, I would play my usual type of TAG poker. Playing through it, I wasn't really playing playing so much the opponent as I was the hands. Get good hand, bet, see flop, still have good hand, still bet. But that said, I wasn't getting many good hands, so come the bubble bursting, I had about 15 BB. It wasn't much, but at least I was guaranteed my min. cash. What followed was one heck of a heater. I was getting premium hands that were hitting. No fancy moves, just good hands getting paid off. And before long, I was sitting at the final table with eight other people, having enjoyed seeing the prize amounts go up. The first two players as I recall fell swiftly, guaranteeing me 7th. Knowing I was on for a good payday, I took it easy. But the cards and floped hands were now slimming, but still managed to KO a couple of players. Between me and my heads up opponent, we both clocked up most of the KO's. Before long, we were heads up, and I was feeling nervous, as I didn't have much HU experiance, so I just followed the advice always given about HU play: lower your range and be aggressive. And it worked, I was able to chip away gradually, until he was down to five big blinds. From here, it was downhill unfortunately. My opponent got two quick double up's and this tilted me, having been so close and now loosing it. We were eventually even on chips, when in my tilted state, got a pocket pair, shoved, got called and lost.

But despite my tilted performance later on in the HU stage, I was still immensely happy. I'd just finished 2nd in an MTT and was $225 better off.

I was especially pleased that it also meant I could rid my self of playing in freerolls. Whilst I have had some success with them (espcially with this result), the poor playout structures/prizepools, shove monkies and general poor play and sportstmanship. Although I do still play an ocassional game, on the whole, I feel I'm better off not playing them as frequently as I once did.

What was good as well was being able to play more than jusy MTTs. Since getting my big win, I've moved out into cash games and SNG's, both of which I enjoy playing. But it's in the 15 minute timed games where I've found my groove. And thet can't be freerolled.

And on that note, i'll end with one of my favorite poker sayings: "Let the good times roll".