If you'd allow me, I'd like to share some thoughts I have on the PokerStars VIP system. They've been rattling around my head for a good while now, and I might as well write about it.

Whilst I do like the idea of rewarding frequent players on Stars, I think the way it's done is... well, I wouldn't say flawed, but I can't help think there may be a better way.

As it stands, you play for money, and earn VPP based on rake. The more rake Stars make from you, the more VPP you earn, and get enough VPP and you get a shiney chrome/silver/gold/platinum/supernova/supernova elite badge (delete as appropriate), bonuses and the ability to buy things from the VIP store. Whilst I don't necessarily bad system, all you essentially have to do to get a respective status is throw money at it. And thats why I don't think it's the best system. I did some working out, and all you'd have to do to earn the coveted SuperNova status is pay $18,200 in rake. That equates to $200,200 in MTT entry fees. And then you get to crow about being one of the finest on stars. I do realise that's an absurd amount to simply get a status, but it does make me think that maybe we give to much credit to people who climb further up the VIP tiers that you could potentially throw money at, even if it's just silver or gold.

I personally would rather it be based either on how skillfull a player actually is. Base the VIP system on either results or profit. 

Just a thought.

But on to a slightly more serious criticism. ChromeStar. Or to be more specific, the rewards you get for it, which for those not in the know, is 2 freerolls. Thats it. And one of those (the 100k 'privilige' freerolls) anyone can who deposits can get into, regardless of VIP status. C'mon, Stars. A bit more, please!? Even if it's just a 1.25FPP multiplier? Just askin'.

Anyhows, thats my rambling done. 'till next time, folks.