The new year being a good a time as any, I've decided to set myself my first proper poker goals, give me some purpose and playing more often instead of playing so infrequently and randomly, and hopefully have the knock on effect of improving my profitability at the same time. Not going to be aiming to high though, don't wan't it to be a distraction.

First up is my Chromestar target. Obviously get it first, then i'm going try to maintain it for at least six months of the year.

Then earn enough moolah to withdraw the money I used to boost my bankroll. Not sure how long it'll take and like I say, the less distracting the goals, the better so this is more of a secondary goal.

Third, I'll be aiming to get my roll up to the $500 mark by this time next year.

Lastly, I'll be aiming to make my first visit to a brick and mortar casino. Got the choice of my local Rendezvous casino or one of the London casino's. That will be a bit more expensive, though, with travel to and from, so it will probably the Rendevous. 

Hopefully I'll have joy with all of them. And if you've set yourself goals for 2013, good luck with them, and may everyone have a happy new year!