If you read my last blog, you'll recall that I was contemplating making a move up the revamped VIP levels, with a big enough bankroll being the only hurdle keeping me from trying. Fortunately, the financial jigsaw pieces have fallen into place allowing me to deposit that little bit extra and I'm now set for my 2013 ChromeStar charge.

I'm going to go about it the shortest, easiest and most profitable way I know: the Pokerstars Timed MTT's, specifically the 15 minute tourney's at the $11 buy-in level. I've chosen these because at $11 a pop, I can hit ChromeStar in 19 tournaments, and the 15 minute MTT's have been the best way for me to cash. The fact that their short and uncomplicated is a nice bonus, too! plus getting it done in as few tourney's as possible also has the added bonus of (hopefully) keeping variance and it's effects on my roll to a minimum.

Whilst I was making my deposit, I decided to take advantage of a couple of deposit bonuses. First off was the 100K depositor freerolls, which are by far the best freerolls (short of the WR2's, maybe) offered on Stars. Should hopefully give me a $$$ boost in my ChromeStar charge inbetween playing the timed MTT's.

Also taken advantage of was the PCA Last Longer promotion (thanks to whiltshireman for bringing it to my attention). It pretty much is as it sounds, you choose (from a list) whichever Pokerstars pro you think will last longest in the PCA Main Event. Guess right, and stars will give you the amount you deposited. For me, it was a pretty easy choice. Come the main event, I'm going to be cheering on Elky.

Depending on how profitably I do at my ChromeStar charge, I might start regulary(ish) playing the Sunday Storm. I'll probably see how much (if any) profit I've made at the end of the month and enter on the last sunday of each month. But at this point, I'm not setting it in stone.

I'm also going to be deciding my 2013 poker resolutions by new years. I'll blog about it when there sorted.