With the release of the MicroMillions III schedule, I've been doing my usual routine every time a tournament series like this pops up with events I can afford.

First up is what I call the 'curiosity' phase. I skim through the schedule and as I spot each one, most of the time usually ruling most out for the same old reasons. "Too early/late", "too big a buy in" "its a rebuy" "don't like the variant" and "its a fixed limit" are the culprits. Never the less, I am usually left with some that i'm happy with.

Then comes the part I hate, the 'indecision' phase. I umm and arr whether I should play the few I've picked. This is largely down to mid-ish to large MTT's not really being my forté and the high variance typically involved, countered by the fact that although I'm not what could be called a great MTT player (or poker player in general), I have had my moments, the highlight of them being my 2nd place finish in a BankRollMob tournie this year, and again in the end of the month BRM game for the top 200 in on the leaderboard.

Currently I'm in the midst of my indecision phase. Leaning at the moment towards forgoing the MM games I've selected. But that said, if the cash games comtinue to be decent towards me betwen now and then, I may still make an appearence. Who knows. I could end up doing well in one.