Not long after bumping up my cash game level to 5 NL about 3 weeks ago, my game took a couple of knocks. First up was my getting my Xbox 360 hooked up to Xbox Live, taking advantage of a few two day trials that I've accumulated. And then not long after I was through them, I managed to drop my Android Tablet (my only source of internet and Pokerstars) and completely bust the touchscreen, putting it permanately out of commission.

But I've now got a new tablet, I've decided to go a bit easy on the XBL front to concentrate more on poker, getting my grove back on and improving my game. As i usually do after coming back from a break at the tables, I'll ease back in with some freerolls.

And unlike my old tablet, my new one can handle both the hand replayer and live training, so I now intend to make use of both more often. 


So as someone famous has no doubt said: Tally ho!