After reading daleroxxu's blog on avatars for about the tenth time (check it out if your yet to, its a good read and pretty funny too), it got me thinking about usernames that make you look like an idiot.


So i decided to write a blog about some of the worst that i've come across and why. Enjoy!


1) ***RUS - putting these 3 letters in a usename is pretty much used exclusively by Russians to highlight the fact that they're, well, Russian and does little more than inform me of where your from. Just about every Russian I've come across that has this kind of username has been a freeroller. And Russian frerollers have a pretty solid reputation for, frankly, being very poor players, most being shove or fold players who can play well for love or money. But mostly money. So if you have RUS in your username, i have you labelled a donk before you even play a hand. Congratulations.

2) JoEblOggSPokerPLaYeR - HaVING ranDom LEtters In Your USERName RaDOmly CApiTILIseD MakEs YOu looK LikE a comPletE MoROn. WeLl DOne!

3) 1744263273119537  - so you can mash your hand on a keyboard? You must be really a thoughtfull, intelligent thinker who can match wits with Stephen Hawkins. Oh, you can't? Yeah, can't say im surprised.

4) tcghcukhjtcfch - see above answer. You can do that, right?

5) steve64791 - want your actual name in you username? Not to be put off by it already being taken?Don't mind looking like every other steve? Perfect!

6) [insert movie character name]26327 - please, your supposed to be playing poker. Not showing you ape like reverance for [insert character name] from [insert movie name]. Oh great, you avatars also a picture of [insert character name]. If only you held your dignity in the same esteem. 

If you would like to complain to me if you have one of these kinds of usernames, please let me know.I would enjoy laughing at you at length. Nah, just kidding. You do have a lousy username, though.

If i think of a few mor, i might write a follow up post