With my self imposed week long break over on sunday, I was ready to come back, feeling renewed enough. 
Ive decided to get back into playing by diving into freerolls, playing the PSO games to climb up the league (a long shot this late in the month, but still..) along with the BankRollMob and BonusBonusBonus games. 

I realise it's only be a couple of days so far, but im off to a decent start. I'm feeling more enthsiastic about playing, cards have so far been good, I can't complain about how i've played, kept my head cool and so far have got 1 top 15%, 1 top 10% and a top 5% finish. 
Unfortuntely, these being Pokerstars freerolls, none of these have amounted to cashes. But thats secondary right now. I'm just looking at getting my mojo going again and making sure i'm playing good poker, or at least not making bad decisions that could ruin my games, keeping my forum sig in mind.