Ever since the PSOSOP finished, I havn't been playing poker so much. Initially, it was more out of frustration, my roll having taken a slide.

But then come Sunday, I had something of a realisation that I'm suffering from what I call the "Meh factor". It's when you look at something and don't really care as much about something as you used to, or usually would. Like looking for a DVD in your collection to watch, looking at one and thinking "nah, don't really feel like it". You don't hate it, you just dont feel like it at that perticular point.
And then it struck me that i'd been feeling the meh factor for a while. A general lack of enthusiasm for poker, or more specifically, playing it. And that was just adding to my frustration, which isn't the best thing to have on a downswing.

So I've been taking a self enforced week long break. After that, I'll get back to some freerolling, to see how my enthusiasm stands.