Just finished my last event of the PSO Series of Poker, and theres only one conclussion i can really draw. 

Long haul MTT's are a good way to burn chunks of my roll. I just cant be consistently good enough to gt to a paying posiston. Oh, i can get into the top 30-50% fairly often. But once there, unless im hitting cards fairly often, I'm getting bored easily. And theres my problem. Not through any lack of skill, just that 'I can't be asked' feeling, leading to bad decisions, or to be more specific, thinking along the lines of "I know he probably/definitly has a better hand, but I don't care enough" with speculative hands. It's my MTT Achilles heel. 

So its back to where I know I can make money and not get so bored I donk out. Cash games, Fifty50's (or fiddy's, as I think of them) and 15 minute timed games. 

That said though, I have been at a few good tables with some of the characters of the PSO. Effsea in perticular. When at his tables, theres always amusing chat going down. Just want to say thanks to everyone I was at a table with. It made an otherwise drab series (for me, anyway) into bouts of enjoyable chatter, even if I wasn't very chirpy