After hitting my $225 bankroll in a BankRollMob leader board last month, I set myself a target of $250, at which point I would think about how I was doing and see what i could do in terms of what I play. And after successfully getting up to $250.19¢, I pondered what games I should concentrate on. 

Fifty50's obviously got a look in, as did cash games in NLHE and PLO, the timed games i've taken a shine to and the 9pm WET 0.10¢ nightly turbo tournaments. I even considered setting myself a weekly $11 target, and if successful, entering into that weekends Sunday Storm. 
But in the end, I decided to settle on an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach and stick to playing 2 or 3 15 minute timed tournies a day, with Fifty50's, cash games and the 0.10¢ tournies getting a nose in as i feel like playing them.

Also hit my 20vpp goal, so I might play in the open league next month. But it's only a maybe. As ever, I'll see.