Ok, for those who've read my previous blog post will know, I've got a nice new shiny bankroll complements of a second place finish in the BankRollMob game thats held each month for people who finished in the top 200 places of the previous months BRM leaderboard, giving me $225 on top of the $4.04¢ I won from the BRM league games and the one BonusBonusBonus game I also cashed in. 

Anyhows, this is, by far, the biggest bankroll I've had, so obviously this gives me the option of potentially moving up the stakes and being more adventurous with what I do and play. This is what Ive been pondering the last few days: what to do and how to use my roll....

And after looking at what levels good bankroll management will let me play at in cash games, SNG's and MTT's, I've decided to pretty much pick up were I left off after I cashed out my previous roll by playing the $1.50 fifty50 sng's and get confident with playing in buy in events again. Once I've got my confidence in my game up, and my roll up to $250, I might move up to the $3.50 fifty50's and maybe try cracking the micro cash games, possibly try some MTT's. I,ll see when I get there. 

And if an one can tell me what the title of this thread is in reference to, I'll be glad. I hate wasting good references like that. hee hee!