It's safe to say this is probably the best freerolling month of my life! Yep, after my BankRollMob FT barely starting to fade, I've managed to make another FT in the same month as my last, in another BRM game as well. I'm not a regular final tabelist, and having got only 5 others, this is quite an accomplishment for me, but the even better news is that was a second place finish, breaking my real money FT curse of always finishing 7th.

Up to about the last three tables, i was just about able to stay above water, but when it was down to the last 18, I was getting enough pots to be able to surge up to second in chips, gradually chipping away till i was hovering around 900k/1m. Then I struck a good hand, and with a player on my right constantly shoving trying to force someone out and make the final table, I took my chance with AQo. I hit top pair, knocking him out in tenth and taking me to the final table with 1.5m and the chip lead.

Places 8&9 fell in the same hand to my heads up opponent and the eventual winner. Can't remember his exact name, something like prism or priam. Any way, this gave him chip lead, and between me and him, we mopped up the rest until we were heads up. It started well to the point I got him down to about 5BB, but through several double ups, we were even. Unfortunately, I lost most of my chips on a couple of bad bluffs, and eventually got me when I tried semi bluffing with top pair, on a board with a flush draw. He hit his flush, and won it. Can't say I feel too bad.