I unfortunately forgot to play in tonights PSO game, but fortunately, it was due to my being on my way to my fifth final table (3 cash and 2 play money, if your that interested...).

The game in question was a BankRoll Mob game (tourny i.d 538990901) that had me on one heck on an upswing. Not so much getting tonnes of hands, more of a case of well timed ones that let me bet big against loose players and take down big pots, which dried up towards the end, but with one or two more big pots and some blind stealing, I was able to reach the final table as third shortest stack. It was fair amount of aggro play, so i figured I should bide my time a bit, wait for a biggish hand. After the couple of shorter stacks got knocked out in the aggro, I got dealt KQo and shoved, getting 2 callers, the short stack with AT, and the chip leader with KT. Up pops a ten, and I'm out in 7th, matching my best cash tournie result to date (2 other 7th places in the PSO. must be a curse or something!).

Anyhows, it does now give me 76¢ towards my new bankroll, so heres to good results, new BR's and fresh beginings.