Well folks, I've finally got round to it and made a £40 deposit to my account which, with the pittance I've earnt from freerolls, gives me $63.66.

Going to be putting in into use in the $1.50 fifty50 SNG's and seeing how I go. Based on the ones I played when I had the $12 I earnt from the GOYL promo a while back (and lost playing cash games) , this would probably be my best bet for earning some extra moolar. I'll Give it a couple of weeks of playing them to evaluate how I'm doing and seeing where to go from there.

As for actual bankroll management, I don't have anything difinitive yet, but if my $63 starting amount falls below 10% that, I'll evaluate how I think I've done, try and figure out whats wrong with my game consider my options, thats if I can't plug any gaps in my game on the fly.

I was also able to use the 100k depositor code as well, so I'll also be playing in those as well, and they look like decent tournies, so hopefully I can use them to boost my BR a little further.

Oh, and wish me luck!...:wink: