A few brainwaves that are rattliling around my head...

Ok, I think it's safe to say.... PokerStars' freerolls suck. 

I've this view has finally been cemented in my mind complements of the Bankroll Mob freerolls I've been playing for a couple of months now, which has a fairly decent prize pool, but stinks because once you get past 1,000 entries (which, for a freeroll, is a forgone conclusion and the more recent games have had over 6k entries), the amount of people who get paid stops, inpsite of how many more sign on, so if anything from 1,081 to 10,000 entries and only 117 get paid.
And this was what I considered, until now anyway, to be the only truly decent freeroll. Oh well.

In other (not very interesting) news, went to check how many tickets I had, and to my suprise, I discovered I had a ticket for the "$2012 social media freeroll". No idea why, P* didn't even tell me they'd given me it. But Hey! I have it! 

Was also glad to see the return of The Langoliers blog to the PSO. Haazzzaaa!

**End thought download**