PokerStars Tournament #473835473, No Limit Hold'em
Freeroll Super Satellite
1843 players
$550.00 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars
Total Prize Pool: $887.50 USD 
Target Tournament #469008644 
Buy-In: $11.00 USD

80 tickets to the target tournament

Tournament started 2011/12/02 19:30:00 WET [2011/12/02 14:30:00 ET]

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Yep, I was able to freeroll (a true freeroll, not an FPP satellite)my way into t
he 10th Anniversary Sunday Storm, in the same tournament in which fellow PSO'ers
 ProudInfidel and EdinFreeMan also nabbed an entry. That said though, I must adm
it a slight bit of guilt after knocking out another PSO'er in the form of Lisbon
 Roar. At the time, we were ~20 (out of just over 1800) or so players from ITM a
nd he was short stacked when he shoves with Q10o and I had KJs, and he might of 
hand a chance if he had of won the pot, but I wasn't feeling to sure of my chanc
es either, so me and one other called. Was able to bet the other player out, lea
ving me and Lisbon to flip our cards on a board that neither of us hit on. Needl
ess to say, he was out... On the whole though, I was pleased with my overall per
formance, not only getting deep but getting a few good reads and not making bad