After picking up on how many PSO games that I play, I've kept coming across a lot of cold decks in the last week. As a result, the new blind levels and cold decks have left me feeling like I'm stiffled. Can't win hands. Can't bluff a cold board whilst i'm ahead, and when I am, I get outdrawn. So I decided just to coast a bit. Catch 22: the blinds. They eat away at my stack, even more with the now 8 minute levels, and I can't try bluffing my rubbish hands because maniacs and fish won't give me any respect to my bets, even if they have rubbish hands as well. Also doesn't help having to worry about negative points.

So please PSO, could we go back to either 10 minute levels or the old blind levels? Ahh heck, why even ask.
 Another pointless thought whilst I'm at it, could PSO members please get some sort of preferance when it comes to admission into the open league games?

In semi related news, I'm going to play less of the PSO games. Because of the above? Well, partly I am, yes. I've recently come across the Bankroll Mob games, which, unlike the PSO Open League games, has a very appealing $50 prizepool, with the ITM places being between 10% and 15%. A whole lot better than the PSO open leagues $10 and PSO OL ITM being the top 0.9%, yes? (this being one of my main PSO gripes).

As usual, I, like the terminator, will be back, just when and how often? Well lets see...