Ladies & gentleman, boy's and girls, Guess who just scored his 1st MTT win?

Yep folks.

But unfortunately before you start sending me to pass you the moet, it was only a play money tournie, but for me, oh yeah!. 

After five hours. I hit only my third ever final table, being the third largest chip stack, and spent most of the time in third or forth, not making serious inroads whilst a couple of players left. Then just before the break, one player had to leave for unknown reason. During the break another player anounced he would also be sitting out for the rest. 
After the break, there was me, the 2 sitting out and two overs. Started winning pots now, ad the two active players kept winning pots between them until one sitting out player was blinded out, with me winning that pot, and soon after the other two active players were in a all in posistion, with the player in the top right mucking and leaving, effectively puting me and the last active player heads up with the other sitting out player still not back.
After managing to win some decent size pots, I managed to do some successful clubbing with my superior chip stack, eventually getting him all in whist I had a jack high straight, leaving me heads up proper with the last sitting out player. He never came back into the game, and the rest is history.

The end result: 1st out of 895 players and 80,602 in play chips for efforts.