Thanks to the recent changes, I've decided not to bother making an effort for the league. Thanks to several things. 1st, the hours make the PSO somewhat out of the way time wise for me, as whenever I have the time log on to PS, I've got a long arse wait for the next game, and when I'm near the start time, I'm busy with another game. 2nd, the ITM structure, which only pays out 0.9% of the field, with 55% of the $10 going to 1 person. 3rd, having to plough through a bigger percentage of the field to get to the points. 4th, the increased amount of donks and idiots. 5th, I fell i'm having better luck elsewere.

I'll still be dropping in a few of the games, going on the forums and making the odd blog post, but on the whole, I just can't be asked with it the PSO anymore.