Thanks to a good run in a Halley's PL Omaha Hi freeroll's, I have now earnt my first WR2 ticket.
Despite a power cut, during which I lost a third of my stack, literally during the first hand, after the best part of four and a half hours later, I manged to scrap through to 55th out of 7048 players.

I probably owe a part of my success in it (and yesterdays deep run in a 2-7 single draw astronomer game) to my recently to my reading through the latest edition of PokerPlayer magazine, which regularly features about 20 odd pages on strategy, often from pro players, and taking on board a couple of bits. the first was a chunk of advice in the form of extracts from Tommy Angelo's book "Element's of Poker", which focuses not so much on poker strategy, but mental strategy for playing poker.

The second peice, more of a tidbit, came from a Joe Hachem interview, in which he says that not developing the right skill sets for poker will cause poker to chew you up and spit you out as a burnt out wreak of a miserable sod.
After reading that and the Elements of Poker extracts, I've been trying to improving my mental outlook, trying not to be so negative about poker and concentrating the energy instead on how to improve.  And so far, it's been good.

Over the past few days I've been given not bad news, just unfortunate and unwelcome news in that fellow PSO'er Iseecookies has had to close down the heads up home game club that he started, due to the fact few people were joining and the few that had, many wern't bothering with the games, which is unfortunate as this was about the single best chance for me to practice HU play. That said though, I wholeheartedly agree with both his decision and reasoning. I would also like to thank it's members that I've played for helping me practice and look forward to seeing the members that bothered out in the wide world of PSO and PokerStars.