To keep practicing my poker without risking my PSO standing with my bad end of month run, I've decided to take on the Astronomer freeroll's, and to develop myself in another couple of poker disciplines, in the form of 5 card draw and 2-7 single draw, as well as my traditional poker mainstays of Hold-Em and Omaha.

And yesterday was a good sign. Despite it being only the second time I've actually played 2-7 single draw, I got in a deep run, finishing 314 out of 5376 entrants after a (best part of) three hour game. Whilst this was not enough to earn me a ticket into the Weekly Round 2, it did get me well within the top 10% that would normaly be paid in a typical tourney.

But there in lies the problem for me. 3 hours and a top 10% finish in a game that I have more or less only just learnt to play, and what do I have to show for it? Pricisely dick. Still, a good showing is still a good showing, whether or not I have something to show for it.

Whilst I was playing in that tourny, I also fired up the Hubbles NL Hold-Em game, giving me two games going at once. Whilst I also failed to make the cut in this too (finishing 1243 out of 9000 entrants), this was at, more or less, the bubble phase without feeling perticually overwhelmed.
I think one of the key factors was that they were to different forms of poker, making it easier to distinguish between the two.

I'll be continuing with the Astronomer's over the next week or so before making a return to the PSO games for another months campaign, although once again as a whitestar.