it's the cash games where I've been loosing it all. over the last few months, for some reason I never been able to get any kind of run going.
Every time I seemingly get a hand that can win, someone has a better set, better kicker, flop's the same pair and hits there kicker on turn or river,  so on and so forth. Yeah, SSDD i know. but it's frustrating, because i don't think my play's havn't been that bad.

Thankfully though all of it came from freerolls and no deposits, so it's no cash out of my wallet.

It would be nice if the PSO did a cash game course or something, because i personally can't put my finger on what exactly is wrong.

I'll be carrying on with PSO for the time being, but may eventually give up on pokerstars altogether, just starting to feel too jaded and cynical about playing here. Bad runs, bad players beating me. Might try a different site, see if i have more luck on one of those, see if it is either me or the site.