Good start to the month i reckon. Just finished the Rags to Riches freeroll, finishing 30th out of 1740 players, with the top 4 finishers getting tickets. Obviously, I'm dissappointed finishing so close yet so far, but bugger me it was better than i was expecting.

the first table i was sitting at that had 7 (yes, seven) players sitting out. Some Came to the table, but quickly left, leaving me up against this one other person, until i eventually got moved to a significantly more active table.

Aside from that, It's reminded me how mentally demanding it can be. When i finished, the tournament had been running 2 hours 50 minutes. Feel slightly chuffed having done that long. Anyhows ended up losing holding 33 up against JJ in the BB. Oh well, worse ways to go. Heres the full replayer:  ">http://

If your interested, heres my stats for your numerical enjoyment:

225 hands played and saw flop: - 11 times out of 27 while in small blind (41%) - 18 times out of 26 while in big blind (69%) - 24 times out of 172 in other positions (14%) - a total of 53 times out of 225 (24%) Pots won at showdown - 10 out of 19 (53%) Pots won without showdown - 16