After a bout of stinking hands and flops, I've hit what appears to be another run of cards, having squeezed posistive points out of the last five PSO games I've played. A run of luck so good, in fact that I have hit 2 pocket rockets in saturdays 18:00 GMT PSO game, and a THIRD in a cash game just after!

Speaking of cash games, following my $17 GOTY weeky final cash,  I've started playing a few $0.01/0.02 cash games in hope of getting the 20 VPP to be an active player next month. Considering I was briefly in the leagues active players prize range during the tail end of last month, I'm hoping that i can challenge for a prize (if only a small one) in June. So far, it is looking good that i will at least get the VPP's.

All in all, my confidence is gradually growing very slowly, but i still feel that the way I'm going, I hopefull will make a half decent poker player sometime in the not very long future!