Last night, i hit apon a brain wave: Do we call people donkeys more out of hate and spite.

At first, I probably thought the same sort of thing as you are now, "nah, only only donkeys call with stuff like 27os or 39os" ETC.
But then it ouccured to me, do we ever take in to account stuff like previous bets in that round, there chip stack, their blind?

A moment later, i realised that less than a week ago, i was all in in the big blind (the BB being more than my chip stack) with 34 off suite and hit 34 on the turn and river.

My thinking of this hand then took me to what could makes playing rubbish hands not such a rubbish idea: no one expects it. lets face it, playing hole cards of JJ or QQ is a how lot more tempting when theres no pictures on the flop, right up until you find out that the guy who floped a 2 pair with 2 number cards.

I'll leave you with one final thought: who would you say is easier to read: Juha Helpi or John Duthie?