With the start of a new year, there is hope to succeed.
There needs to be willingness,
research and work to put this all together and move on.

It's all in the graph, of a poker player that is.

That is the aim of my progression this new year, and upwards climbing one.
Yeah, I won't be fooled, downward curves can and will happen,
the way around this is to be prepared and answer back,
the skyline of the mountain will re-appear in the horizon.

Chasing the glory begins today, and lasts a year,
surely that is a long time away in the future,
the challenge is there, we all like them.

Success brings a smile, losing brings a grimace,
there will be equal measure, so how can we ever be happy?

The bottom line at the end of the day, is the profit or loss.


Smile into the future, happiness is there for all to enjoy

Lifetime statistics over several years,
the challenge is to condense into a space of a yearly cycle with less volatility.

The bane is Return On Investment, it never lies, the goal is positive.


Day one begins today..