Hello guys! Plenty of freeroll tournaments to play with to build bankroll, we spent 3 to 4 hours playing one tournament game. Most of us we don't give much care playing freeroll because its free and we did not spent any money. Like in bankrollmob or pokerschoolonline tournament, we dont apply what we learn in pokerschool and they call these players noob,lucky or playing like a lottery and more often is the word IDIOT,etc.



But if we play it seriously and smart we can build our bankroll slowly and we can join private tournament if we play better or win cash instantly if we get top in there monthly leaderbord, how great the offer or their promotions.   

Playing tournament is not easy because of the time you spent, the number of players, the kinds of player and how we play the game.

Mostly in early stage or first deal of the game all players moves ALLin and you have a pair of Aces or Kings and the chances of winning is very small, so avoid this kind of scenario in early stage. Know when to fold.

Read the board, sometimes we forgot to read the situation or analyzing it or we just dont give much care its because we hit the high cards and we raise even if the board is draw heavy means flush draw or straight draw thats why we lose and cant make it to the winning places.

Don't be trapped in THREE OF A KIND. If your opponent have a PAIR of cards and set with Three of a kind in the flop and you have two pairs set in the flop.This is very tough,  if the opponent bet of course we will call  if he moves all in thats the time for you to think specially in early stages. And if you have that kind of set try to get more chips from the opponent and dont get rush.

Before, I thought playing cash games is easy but im wrong. Pokerstars players are very good in cash games. How do we play cash games? Its not easy  to win in tournament and you will use the prize to play in cash games to build your bankroll faster. 

 If your bankroll is limited or low, play in the smaller stakes. You must play this with your A GAME and extra care to protect bankroll and somtimes with a risk.  And if your winnings continue dont go to high tables because thats too risky.Just think of the time you spent  building your bankroll and it will just lose instantly. 

Control your emotion, you must have in a good mood and focus in the game, dont bluff because bluffing is also skills that needs to learn, and Dont drink alchoholic drinks because it will affect you decision making.