Hello everyone! My name is Milosh, and I'm 26 years old. I'm coming from Serbia, a place where grass is not green and flowers are rare. With my above the average sallary for this region, I can barely put my life together with all the things that I want to achieve. If you are fammiliar with the social situation in Serbia, then you certainly know that you can't live from sallary and if you don't have a second way of money income, living a decent life is becoming nightmare. So I decide to test my skills and start a new chapter in my life called POKER. 


For a long time I've been searching a way to make more money than I have now. There was a ton of things that I tried to do beside my basic work, and non of them was the right for me.

I had first poker expirience through a facebook app called Zynga poker. I played it for about a year long, and with the time passing by, I kinda figure it out that I could, at some point, play it for real money, since I run it very good. Of course, playing with real money is totally different thing, but I didn't know that at the time

So I rushed into making my first deposit on Pokerstars. 20 euros was the number and all about poker I've learn in 'Zynga poker' was ready to be applied for a real money game. But...

I started with NL10, which was pure mistake of course. From 10e in 2 hours I made it to 4, and after 2 more hours I made a comeback to 12 euros. Ended up session with 2 euros in plus. In ten days from the day I maked a deposit I lost all money, trying to figure out how, and the answer stood right in front of my face. I was playing everything, from cash games, tournaments, zoom tables and everything that was atracting my attention.

Within few days after I found many ways to learn about internet poker, how to play it, how to behave, bet sizing, positioning, etc.

Since my day to day job is pretty hard mentally and phisically, I had quiet few hours a day that had to be well distributed, and very small amount of that time was belong to poker. 

Ten months from that point I was ready to make a second deposit. Twelve euros this time, converted to US Dollar it was about 15 bucks, so I think it should be enough for the start.

I've decided to take it slow this time, and maybe too slow, to make me feel comfy at the tables and build up my game. So, in 3 days of playing I made 4$. I play NL2  6max game, on one or two tables. By the end of september, my goal is to make at least 50$.

Here are some of my best hands played and good luck at the tables