Hello guys, I'll tell you now a story from a live poker cash game.


First of all I want to tell you guys that I'm a recreational player, I live in romania, in bucharest, earn about 500 Euro a month. I have no bankroll managament.


Sometimes when I get my salary I go play a 25 Euro tourney with a 1000 Euro prizepool or things like that.


Well, Today I talked with my older brother and we said let's go play some cash game. We have a different currency here in romania, it's RON. 1 Euro = 4.5 RON.


Well here I am in bucharest at a poker club, There was starting a table, 200 RON Buy-in(45 Euro) and Stakes are 1/2 RON (0.2 - 0.5 Euro). Since I knew those guys were something like fishes, Like they're usually rasing preflop with thrash hands to 10 BB, I told myself I need to buy in for at least 300 RON. So I did.


The first hour it went well, I was on a 300 RON+. I can't remember the hand I went on tilt, but I lost about 450 RON and remained with 150 RON after like 3 hours of playing. And Here I am on tilt. Well I managed somehow to call preflop with a K6 and doubled myself up with Kings pair. So I was back on my buyin. And there she comes, a new dealer, her name was andreea. Guys, if you believe me or not, I was thinking in my mind: This girl will give me good cards, I feel it.


And here comes the first hand in LP, KINGS. Someone raised 55 RON early position, fold to me, I raise 155, He All-in, I think a little bit - Aces? No way. I call.

He has AKo. We discuss a little bit and I managed to convince him to deal it 3 times. Why I decided 3 times? He has a good chance to hit on the first time an ace, but the second and third not. So I was a big favorite of winning at least 2/3, even a better one then winning it with only one deal.


Well, on the first deal he hitted his Ace on the flop. On the second he was on a straight draw, but didn't hit it. The third I won. So here I am on 477 RON.


Next hand, Pocket tens, I was still in late position. Someone raised before me to 15 RON, I reraised to 40 RON, he calls me. Since he didn't reraised, I put him on any A 10+, cuz he was a really tight player. Here comes the flop - 3 5 5 rainbow. Well, you feel very comfortable with this flop with tens, don't you? So I raise 50 RON. He just calls. Turn, 10. I hit my set, OMG OMG. I raise 70, he calls - and I started thinking that he could have pocket jacks. So there are 320 RON in the pot, and I'm remaining with 300. The turn is a jack, I start thinking, and say shit - He got me. but on the other side, what are the chances him having jacks? So I feel pretty comfortable him calling me to an all-in, so I just shoved it. He snapcalls. I turn over my set, what does he show me? ACES. I've beaten aces and now up to 900 RON.


Next hand, J7o, I call in MP(pretty bad actually) 11 RON 3-way. And here comes the flop 7 Q 3 rainbow. He raises 20 RON, I call, the last one folded. Turn is a JACK, so I got two pairs, felling pretty comfortable with them, and I raised him 50 RON, he calls. Turn another 7, I got a full. I raise to 125 RON, he calls. Now I'm on 1100 RON. Afterwards I won 2-3 little pots during the next 5 minutes, gaining myself an additional 200 RON.


Next super hand - J8 suited in the small blind. Button raises to 11, I call, BB calls. 33 in POT. Flop is J K 6. Button checks, I check, BB raises to 50 (He had K9). We both call. 183 in pot. Turn is a 3, button checks, I check, BB raises to 125, Button calls, I call. I think I went there pretty dumb actually, but the BB was my older brother so I decided to go with him and we'll split afterwards this pot. Turn card is an 8, so Now I'm on two pairs. Button checks, I check, BB raises 150, Button shoves with i think 600 RON. I start thinking and thinking, and decide to call, i was really woried about a set. BB folds, he show me 1 J, i show him two pairs and got him.


So I won 2300 RON, 500 Euro this night, 2000 RON profit and I FEEL AWESOME.