Hello dear PSO members,


5 Days ago I said to myself I must stop playing live poker, I lost now like 200$ and I just think I won't get any profit out of it. But somehow I started to think about the hands I played in my mind and dude, I played bad. So I'll try to fill up my bankroll in the next week and try to make a little bit of profit for my bankroll.


Anyway, I started playing online poker like one month ago, but live poker for like one year and I think I'm pretty good with it.

Now, last Saturday I went to a poker tournament with a 50$ Buy-in, with a second chance till final table. For 50$ you'd get 15.000 Chips and if you loose that amount, you can rebuy another round for 20.000 chips, but you couldn't rebuy for the 3th time.


Well there I was, holding on 5 hours, I was in the last 23 out of 60 with a stack of ~85.000 chips. I was going pretty well and told myself to fold every marginal hands till final table, not trying to shove or things (Blinds went up to 800/1600 with a 200 ante)


And guess what happens to me, I get pocket queens. Hell yeah, the excitement about getting a big pocket pair in a live tournament feelz so good. I was in the cut-off, I had just one limper to me. Watched the dude's stack size, had him covered maybe with 2-3k+. I raise 3x BB, everybody folds, he calls. The pot was now ~12.000 chips with the antes and SB+BB.

Flop is following: 2s 6d 7d

I had Qd Qs

He checked to me, so I raised 7000 and he snapcalls. Pot is 26.000

Turn: Jd

He checks, I raise 12.000, He reraises me to 24.000. Dude, I don't know what I was thinking, I didn't even saw the 3th diamond hitting and I just re-raised him all-in without thinking.


Well after he called me, I saw him with two pairs, 6 and Jack's, and I was left with 2000 chips and lost the tournament afterwards.


And these are the mistakes I'm making everytime, Getting such a nice hand preflop/flop and forgetting about what the opponent might have. That's the way you are loosing your entire stack