Nothing is easy I guess, Trying to make more pso games, came 50th in the last one which is not bad I think. Trying to remain calm and collected and not tilt. I have regrouped and am attempting to take on 5 to 10 cent again after my last blowup (last blog) I needed some time to think and I think in the heat of the moment its ok to feel bad and dejected, the best thing is to leave for a while, even a few days and take a look at myself and how I played, I can't fault my play when I lost a bomb, what I can fault is hitting bad beats and exposing my bankroll on a higher limit I should not have went up to.

That good people was tilt and I should have stepped away before that. But I did not so in the respect I have myself to blame and tilt made me play above my limits and I got punished. So if tilt made me do that, it probably made me do other silly things.

Although I got a rap across the knuckles and was bitterly disapointed for a few days, I dusted myself off and time to try again

I just need to learn more and try harder. But at least I never take it out on anyone else here in the community unlike some others I hear of which is always good and I think its only natural to feel bad sometimes.