Here we are the 10:30pm WET pso play has been ok today, but disapointed with my finishes.

Lets see how I do in this one : short stacked and shoved with jack 10, hit the jack and doubled up. needed that but still in hot water.

truthfully embarrassed at a play I just made -_- I will never make a poker player. Read the situation completely wrong and made a muppet out of myself. Ashamed to even call out the hand.

clawed my way back to 3000 in chips, had ace jack off suit small blind, two limpers before me in cutoff and seat to the right of him.

I shove big blind folds guy beside cutoff calls, cutoff folds .

ace jack against ace two and the jack flops and holds up.

double up baby.

entrants 1363 currently 426 left

another break 121 players left and I am kind of short stacked will have to pick up a hand fast and hope it holds.

I fought on finised 102 I believe it was, not bad