Lol, only after settling down to write this did I realise that the initials on my blog name are 'triple H', one of my favourite wrestlers,, maybe thats why subconsciously I chose the blog name, who knows!




So, a history of my poker exposure for anyone who wants to know.

My first encounters with the 52cards used to come when i was just 7years old.  My now late grandmother used to hijack me along to her 'old ladies' poker nights once or twice a week.  Her excuse to my parents used to be that she needed someone to 'carry her bag', when in fact what she really wanted was to corrupt and lead this 7year old astray in order to add an extra edge on the table.  She would pay me 5bucks to give her company for a few hours and at the same time let me watch six to seven ladies gossip about the whole village and learn the game at the same time.  Their poker game was 3card brag with absolutely no limits.  Each person was always dealt 3cards and the highest possible hand is AAA.  If anyone doesn't know this game, google '3card brag' and you can get all the hand details.  You could start the betting at 1cent or 1000cents, and the sky was the limit or, more usually, the contents of your inner purse

As a child I was a fast learner and this kind of exposure lit a spark within me.  Having fun AND making money?  'Wow, this is heaven, I can buy a truckload of candy with this and drown in sodapop!' said the financial wizard in my head, 'who needs a job, i can do this for life!'.  Funny how life is so simple looking through childrens eyes.  Those nights were a huge escape for me from school and home life ; it was like a slice of apple pie and custard that I would salivate over every week.  Pretty soon I mastered all the hand hierarchies and was now in charge of granny's hands, looking at them for her and bringing them up close to her eyes as she was getting blind in her old age.  Watching her blind/bet/fold her way through the cards, I began to learn the strengths and weakness of the cards, what to bet on, what to fold on, what to raise on, etc.  It was all like a jigsaw puzzle and the pieces began to fit and make sense.

I never thought to ask granny where she learnt this game, but in retrospect, I would guess very late in life because she wasn't very good at it. Whenever she had 3 of a kind in her hand (comparable to straight flushes in holdem) her eyes would light up, her lips would purse (pretending that she had trash) and her face would become serious and she would stop participating in the ongoing conversation, so, not suprisingly a whole round of folds would ensue.  It was at this stage that I began to study all the other players at the table and start making mental notes on each player.  Mrs Marple (all names changed to protect them ) didn't play many hands, but she sure as hell kept her beady eye on all the other players.  Mrs Poirot came along more for fun than cards, and also for the cream cakes that were always served.  Mrs Christie (okay, so some of you have guessed that I like detective stuff, give yourself a pat on the back! ) was the best player and always went home with a bulging purse, yet always maintaining that 'I really haven't won today, the cards were soooo bad dear'. 

Soon after, granny lobbied the group to allow me to play my own hands on her behalf (I was nearly 10years old now and could count all the way up to K ).  At first there were protests, he's too young, its not fair you will have an unfair advantage playing 2 hands, he might cheat and fleece us, etc etc.  But, granny was a powerhouse in the group, she always knew the juiciest gossip and she won through and I started making my own plays at the table with my own hands.  Of course, all financing, losses and profits were for granny, i would still only get my 5bucks no matter how much I won or lost at the table for her. 

Then, one day, granny finally revealed her true colours and gave me a real shocker!!

And yes, you've guessed it, the shocker will be in the next post!

Thanks for reading and see you in the next post!