I'm stuck in a breakeven stretch where I can't win a flip with the overcards or the pair... I'm losing a lot to two or three outers too. The worst part about running bad for me is that I can be prone to tilt, and I'll admit that I have punted a stack or two because of a bad beat. Overall I'm playing well and I'm still winning so I just need to keep loading up the tables. The other issue that I'm having the past few days is that I haven't come in the top three enough, I'm placing fifth and sixth a lot. I'm concerned that I may not be playing aggressive enough as the table becomes short and I'm blinding down. It could also be that I'm just not winning my flips at the moment that I need to in order to win.

The chances of me playing all three hundred games this month seems low now too. I am ten games off the pace in the first ten days. I'm going to be busy with work and Christmas preparations from this point forward too. In order to accomplish my goal I may have to play an eight hour session where I load new tables as I bust others... this may be a problem for me. Normally I load eight tables and play until I'm done, loading extras only if I bust out of one early. This allows me to focus more when I reach final tables because I'm usually only playing two to four tables at that time. We'll see how it goes.

My results so far:

Games: 90
ROI: 106.7%
ITM: 27.8%
Profit: $24.01

In case you haven't noticed I play twenty-five cent ninety mans.