For December I would like to play 300+ 25 cent 90's. I'll be trying to play one session of eight tables on weekdays and I'll try to play two or three sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Obviously I intend to profit from this, but based on my past results and my progress I'd like to crush this limit and move up at the beginning of the new year. I have only played sixteen games so far, but I have been doing well.

ROI: 159%
ITM: 43.8%
Profit: $6.36

The numbers are a little bit wild because it is such a tiny sample size, buy my results for the year are not that different.
Games: 140
ROI: 83%
ITM: 21%
Profit: $28.79

Even my sample for the year is quite small, but I think that it is enough to show that I can beat this level. I will only be playing the 90 mans this month so I should have a decent sample size soon enough.